Love happened online, girl left home and job and went to live in the forest with her lover, they don’t know each other’s language!

If a person falls in love with someone, then borders, distance and any kind of difference cannot separate them. The same happened with a girl from Australia (Australian girl left home to live in Amazon jungle). This 26-year-old girl was surfing Instagram one night, when suddenly she saw a boy’s profile. After that, both of them started talking. That boy lived in the jungles thousands of miles away from her. He lived a wild life, but this girl was completely urban and had a job. The girl liked the boy’s lifestyle so much that she decided that she would leave her home and job and live with that boy and try to understand his life.

According to the report of The Sun website, Jordan Hauenschild lives in Queensland. Last December, she was looking at the Explore page of Instagram one night, when her eyes went to the profile of 24-year-old content creator Pitiuruk. The man was from Ecuador, a country in South America. He used to create content while living in the Amazon jungles. She suddenly messaged the man. She did not think that the man would reply to her. But when he replied, the two started talking through messages. Within 4 months, they started talking through video calls as well. Both used to show each other their home, kitchen, way of living, which Jordan liked very much.

girl left job house live in ecuador

The girl now wants to go back to her boyfriend and stay there for months. (Photo: TikTok/@jordankh_)

Girl arrived in Equidor from Australia
The boy’s family lived in a town in Ecuador and used to give guided tours to tourists in the Amazon jungle. Jordan decided that she would leave her job and home and go to Ecuador and meet her boyfriend. When she told the boy about this idea, he also agreed. He wanted Jordan to also see his customs, beliefs and way of living. They decided to visit countries like Argentina, Peru, Brazil etc.

Both of them don’t know each other’s language
Both of them did not know each other’s language, but despite that they used to communicate using body language and sign language. Jordan says that if there is love between the two, then language does not matter. Jordan said that the boy’s family welcomed her wholeheartedly and made her two-week trip enjoyable. When Jordan started returning to Australia, there were tears in her eyes. However, she will soon return to Ecuador and this time she will spend a few months there.

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