Lok Sabha Elections Result Donald Trump tweet ‘Stop The Count’ is being shared rapidly amid Lok Sabha election results | Which leader’s tweet went viral amid the results of Lok Sabha elections?

Lok Sabha Elections Result: Counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 is going on in India. In the trends till 1 pm, the BJP-led NDA is leading on 298 seats. On the other hand, the Congress-led India Alliance is seen getting 225 seats. To get a majority in the Lok Sabha of India, it is necessary to win 272 seats, due to which the NDA is far ahead, but meanwhile an old tweet of the former US President is becoming increasingly viral.

In a tweet in the year 2020, Trump had written, ‘Stop The Count’. Now many users on the X platform are sharing this tweet of Trump. Among those who shared the tweet are people associated with both NDA and India Alliance. It is believed that according to the exit polls, Lok Sabha Elections The result is not coming, due to which this tweet came into headlines.

NDA lags behind its target
BJP had set a target of 400 seats for NDA. Most exit polls were showing a big victory for BJP alliance. But in the trends, NDA and India are often seen in a close contest. Apart from this, even though NDA seems to be crossing the majority mark, it is still behind 300 seats, reaching 400 seems impossible.

Trump had accused of fraud in the election process
Trump’s tweet that is going viral is from the US election in 2020. After decades, a very tense election was held in America. This time Trump had demanded to stop the counting of votes, alleging fraud in the election results. During this, Trump said that if ‘you count the legal votes, I will easily win the election.’ However, he did not provide any evidence for this.

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