Lok Sabha Elections Result 2024 Congress defeat in Satna and Morena due to Mayawati BSP ANN

MP Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: BSP has performed surprisingly well in many seats of Madhya Pradesh. BSP has become the reason for Congress’s defeat in Morena and Satna Lok Sabha seats. BSP candidates have got more votes than the victory margin. BSP candidates have got more than 1.5 lakh votes in three Lok Sabha seats.

BJP’s Ganesh Singh has been elected MP from Satna once again. He defeated Congress candidate and MLA Siddharth Kushwaha by 84 thousand 949 votes. Ganesh Singh got 4 lakh 59 thousand 728 votes. Siddharth Kushwaha got 3 lakh 74 thousand 779 votes.

Narayan Tripathi of BSP from Satna made the contest triangular by securing 1 lakh 85 thousand 618 votes. Narayan Tripathi has been in all three parties – BJP, Congress and Samajwadi Party. He has also won the assembly elections from Maihar four times on the ticket of different parties. It is believed that Narayan Tripathi made a huge dent in the Brahmin and Dalit votes.

BJP wiped out Congress

Congress suffered a big loss due to the division of Brahmin and Dalit votes. Narayan Tripathi became MLA on BJP ticket in 2018. Later he rebelled and formed Vindhya Janata Party. Just before the Lok Sabha elections, he joined BSP. It is worth noting that in the November 2023 assembly elections, Siddharth Kushwaha defeated Ganesh Singh on Satna seat.

This is how BSP spoiled the game on these seats

The contest on Morena Lok Sabha seat also became triangular because of the BSP candidate. Shiv Mangal Singh Tomar of BJP defeated Satya Pal Singh Sikarwar of Congress by 52 thousand 530 votes. Shiv Mangal Singh got 5 lakh 15 thousand 477 votes. Satya Pal Singh got 4 lakh 62 thousand 947 votes. BSP candidate Ramesh Garg surprised the political pundits by getting 1 lakh 79 thousand 669 votes. Congress rebel Ramesh Garg also benefited BJP in a very close contest.

The BSP candidate has also performed brilliantly on the Khajuraho parliamentary seat. Samajwadi Party had got the Khajuraho seat in an agreement with India Alliance. Due to the cancellation of the nomination of the SP candidate, there was no strong candidate left against BJP state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma. India Alliance supported Forward Block candidate Raja Bhaiya Prajapati. Vishnu Dutt Sharma defeated BSP candidate Kamlesh Kumar by a margin of 5 lakh 41 thousand 229 votes. Raja Bhaiya Prajapati got only 50 thousand 216 votes. Vishnu Dutt Sharma got 7 lakh 72 thousand 774 votes and Kamlesh Kumar got 2 lakh 31 thousand 545 votes.

Senior journalist Ravindra Dubey says that BSP still has a strong hold among the Dalits of Vindhya and Chambal region. This is the reason why BSP spoiled the game of Congress in Satna and Morena. BSP candidate was in second position while showing strong presence in Khajuraho. Ramesh Garg in Morena and Narayan Tripathi in Satna were close to Congress. But, Lok Sabha Elections It failed to achieve this before the Lok Sabha elections. Congress had to bear the brunt of this on these two seats.

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