Lok Sabha Elections 2024 UP NOTA becomes fourth choice in many seats

Lok Sabha Elections Result 2024: Lok Sabha Elections This time people have liked NOTA a lot. There were many seats where there was a direct fight between BJP and India Alliance, while BSP was seen at number three on most of the seats. While people also pressed the NOTA button a lot. There are many seats where NOTA i.e. ‘None of the Above’ got more votes than independent candidates and NOTA remained at the fourth position.

The NOTA button is pressed on the EVM machine when the voter does not like any candidate. That is, he does not want to vote for anyone. This time, NOTA was the most preferred choice after the BJP, INC and BSP candidates in many seats of UP. The interesting thing is that there was no dearth of people pressing NOTA even in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi seat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi NOTA was at the fourth position in Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. A total of 7 candidates including PM Modi were in the fray in Varanasi. PM Modi got 612970 votes, Ajay Rai of India Alliance (460457 votes) was at the second position and Athar Jamal Lari of BSP (33766 votes) was at the third position. While NOTA was at the fourth position. Here 8478 people pressed the NOTA button.

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NOTA was at fourth place in these seats
– People pressed the NOTA button in large numbers in Rajnath Singh’s Lucknow seat too. Here NOTA got 7350 votes.
– NOTA was at fourth place in Gautam Buddha Nagar seat also. Here 10324 people pressed the NOTA button.
– In Meerut seat also 4776 people pressed the NOTA button and NOTA left behind five independent candidates.
– NOTA stood fourth in Bareilly seat, leaving behind ten independent candidates. Here 6260 people pressed NOTA.
– NOTA defeated seven candidates in Pilibhit seat. Here 6741 votes were cast for NOTA.
– Shivpal Singh Yadav’s son Aditya Yadav got 8562 votes on NOTA in Badaun seat.
– CM yogi adityanath Leaving ten candidates behind in his home constituency Gorakhpur, 7881 people pressed the NOTA button
– NOTA emerged as the fourth choice of voters in seats like Mainpuri, Kannauj, Azamgarh and Ghazipur. People pressed NOTA a lot in these seats.

Apart from these, there were many such seats in UP where NOTA secured the fourth or fifth position leaving behind the independent candidates.

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