Lok Sabha election results 2024 Baghpat RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary

UP Lok Sabha Results 2024: in Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections This time it was different in many ways. On many seats, such results came that surprised even many political analysts. One such result was seen on the Baghpat seat, where Rajkumar Sangwan of Rashtriya Lok Dal was from NDA and he was pitted against Amarpal, the candidate of India Alliance.

Rajkumar Sangwan defeated Samajwadi Party’s Amarpal by a margin of more than 1.5 lakh votes in Baghpat seat. But, one thing that can trouble RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary is Chhaprauli village of Baghpat, where the villagers tied a turban of Chaudharyhat on the RLD chief. RLD got votes in this village but there was a lot of voting in favor of Samajwadi Party as well.

Chhaprauli has been the workplace of Chaudhary Charan Singh
In the Jat dominated Chhaprauli village which is considered to be the stronghold of RLD, from where Jayant Chaudhary was crowned as Chaudhary, it is not a small thing that SP got so many votes. According to the data, RLD got 3913 votes in Chhaprauli town, that is, Rajkumar Sangwan got 57.50 percent of the total votes. SP came second in this village. 2345 votes were cast in favor of SP. Whereas BSP got only 399 votes, that is, 5.86 percent.

Chhaprauli town is the same place where Jayant Chaudhary was given the title of Chaudhary after the death of Chaudhary Ajit Singh. This village has been the karmabhoomi of Chaudhary Charan Singh and his son and former Union Minister Ajit Singh. It is believed that the people of this village never left RLD, so how did SP manage to make a dent in these votes this time?

However, if we talk about other villages of Baghpat, there was a heavy rain of votes in favour of the RLD candidate. In Hazurbad Garhi village of former state vice-president of RLD Dheeraj Ujjwal, RLD got a one-sided 608 votes, while BSP got 93 and SP got only 27 votes. Similarly, in Kakaur village, RLD got 998, SP got 455 and BSP got only 70 votes.

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