Lok Sabha: Cancer Suffering Old Woman Desired To Vote In Darbhanga 2024 Election – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

Lok Sabha: Cancer suffering old woman desired to vote in Darbhanga 2024 election.

A woman suffering from cancer goes to the polling station like this
– Photo: Amar Ujala Digital


There is a lot of enthusiasm among the common people regarding the Lok Sabha elections. A good picture of this enthusiasm was seen when a woman suffering from cancer expressed her wish to vote in her last moments, which was fulfilled by her family members. This picture is of Chaugma village under Vishanpur police station area of ​​Darbhanga district, where Shubhadra Devi, who was suffering from cancer, was carried on a stretcher by her son Vijay Kumar Mishra to booth number 116 of Vishnuyar Chaugma Middle School and made her vote.

Voting was carried out by being carried on a stretcher

In this regard, the woman’s son Vijay Kumar Mishra said that the mother had voted today while fulfilling her civic responsibility in the last moments of her life. Mother has been extremely ill for a long time and has been on the support of only a few drops of water for the last four days. When asked, he expressed his desire to drop his vote. Shubhadra Devi, a woman suffering from cancer, was brought by her son Vijay Kumar Mishra on a stretcher to booth number 116 of Vishnuyar Chaugma Middle School for voting.

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