Lionel Messi signing a deal with MSL; Huge deal for Apple

Lionel Messi has decided to sign a deal with Inter Miami in MLS. After winning the World Cup last year, Messi is said to sign the contract, and it can be a massive win for Apple.

Barcelona was also eager to re-sign the superstar player. The club will definitely be at disadvantage with not having the best player in their game. The Argentina club confirmed the news on Twitter. Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal also offered Messi a considerable pay scale. However He turned down this offer as well.

However, the world cup winner chose Inter Miami, a club owned by PSG, Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham since 2018.

Is the deal confirmed yet?

Messi said in his confirmation of switching to MLS,” I decided that I am going to go to Miami. I still haven’t closed it 100%. I still need some things, but we decided to go with this path”.

Barcelona’s Reaction to the Decision

On June 5th, the player’s father, Jorge Mess, informed the club president about Messi’s further plan. After this decision, Barcelona president Laporta reported he respects Messi’s decisions. He understands his need to move away from the spotlight and play in a league with few demands.

Moreover, he also believes Messi has been under much pressure in recent years.

Messi’s side of the story

According to Messi’s conversation with Diario Sport, the footballer wanted to come back, but unfortunately,  couldn’t because of past events. He wanted his future in his hands this time. He did not want the same situation to arise again by leaving his fate in another hand.

The footballer also intends to focus more on his family and get out of the spotlight. According to Messi, Argentina was also selling players or lowering their salaries, and he did not want to be a part of it and not be responsible for it. After winning the World Cup, the footballer wants a new football experience in the American League. He wants to enjoy the game but with a desire to win.

What does this mean for Apple?

As for MLS, their streaming rights are with Apple for the next decade. And it can change the course of sports’ future. After rumours spread like Wildfire about his future in Saudi Arabia or Barcelona, the announcement hit the headlines. On June 6th, Apple also announced a four-part docu-series on Messi launching on Apple TV Plus. Messi will also get a share of the Apple MLS broadcast partnership.

In recent years, Apple has shown a keen interest in soccer. In addition to grabbing the most significant player of soccer and launching documentaries, apple also considers Ted Laseries’ a web series their most significant hit. Messi’s former manager also made a guest appearance in season 3rd of the series.

According to Athletic, Messi is getting massive pay for the deal. Not only this, but Adidas has also offered Messi a huge profit deal.

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