Keeping cash in hand is more important than investing money anywhere, know 7 useful things related to money.

New Delhi. The Indian economy is suffering huge losses due to Coronavirus Impact. For this reason, the domestic stock markets (Indian Stock Market) have fallen sharply in the last few days. Sensex-Nifty have fallen by 40 percent in 15 days. In such a situation, most of the people are asking the question, what should I do? Is this an opportunity? Should I buy more shares already purchased? Experts say that the pandemic the world is facing is different. So different than we have ever seen. We all still have to learn what to do next.

(1) Asif Iqbal, Research Head, Escort Security, says that at present the only thing that matters is how much cash you have in your hand. Understand that it is difficult to withdraw money from or invest in falling markets. If you do not have cash then withdraw the money, even if it is a loss. At the same time, if there is enough cash in the bank, then leave the money.

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(2) This is definitely not the time to take investment decisions. When the path ahead is not visible, walking in that direction is like setting out in the dark without a torch. This would be sheer stupidity. To be honest, right now we are in a war zone and survival is our top priority. You should have enough cash now to cover your household expenses for at least three months. This should include the cost of treatment.

(3) Business activities have come to a halt across the world. Companies have taken measures to deal with this. Some have given employees the freedom to work from home. Many have reduced team activities. Due to the extremely bad conditions, they have temporarily suspended work in the affected countries.

(4) As an investor, you should understand that these will have an impact on economic activities. The markets are falling because they did not expect this. Unless you are running a business. Do not take any financial decisions at this time. Neither sell any asset nor make any changes in your investments right now. Just maintain the status quo.

(5) Be ready to help when situations are not normal. If there is any elderly citizen in your neighborhood then maintain contact with them. See if they need you. This pandemic will not allow us to live together in large groups. Take help of social media for this. Make people aware as much as possible.

(6) Do you work in a company that pays salary even during holidays or closures? Are you confident that your job will remain even in these bad times? If yes then you are lucky. Evaluate your income and prepare for bad days. When the crisis is at its peak, then your wealth comes in handy.

(7) If you are asked to willingly serve in the neighborhood hospital, then definitely do so. If you can create an app to remove food waste, then do it. If you can prepare a bulletin board showing the number of people infected, then prepare it. In difficult times, contribute whatever you can to the society.

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