Jitu Patwari takes responsibility of Congress Loss in MP Lok Sabha Election Result ANN

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: Lok Sabha Elections Congress had to face a crushing defeat in Madhya Pradesh. BJP has won all 29 seats in the state. Regarding this defeat in Madhya Pradesh, state Congress president Jeetu Patwari says that the responsibility for this is mine. We will strengthen the party further in Madhya Pradesh. He said that the public has expressed trust in the All India Alliance.

Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Jitu Patwari, while addressing a press conference organized at the state Congress headquarters, said that the election results of the country’s largest panchayat are out and the deceit that was being used to create an atmosphere of confusion by showing exit polls till two days ago has been defeated. The public has made it clear that it does not like authoritarianism and dictatorship.

Jeetu Patwari said that our leader Rahul Gandhi raised issues affecting the common man during the elections, in which inflation, unemployment, farmers’ problem and torture on the poor were highlighted prominently. The five justices that Rahul Gandhi talked about were appreciated by the public and the results were around the same.

I accept the result with my head bowed
PCC Chief Jitu Patwari said that in the context of MP, we all fought the elections unitedly and tried for good results, but the kind of incidents that happened in MP after the assembly elections, I can say that the government’s efforts of money and force were successful, but being the president of the party, I accept the results of MP with my head bowed and take responsibility for these results.

We are ready for changes in Madhya Pradesh
Patwari further said that the party is ready for changes with introspection, new thinking, ideas and behavior will be included in it. The people of Madhya Pradesh are very aware and the way the people have slapped BJP in the form of NOTA in Indore, BJP will always remember it. Now the government should fulfill the guarantees given by Modi ji and the Congress party will continue to play its role as a strong opposition in fulfilling those guarantees.

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