Jharkhand Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 70 percent candidates lost due to NOTA 88 percent lost their deposits

Jharkhand Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: In Jharkhand Lok Sabha Elections 70 percent of the candidates who contested the elections were defeated by NOTA (None of the Above). 88.11 percent of the candidates failed to save their deposits in the elections. According to the final figures provided by the state’s Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar on Wednesday evening, a total of 244 candidates were contesting for the 14 Lok Sabha seats of the state. Out of these, 171 got less votes than NOTA. The number of candidates who could not save their deposits is 215.

More than 1.72 crore voters exercised their franchise in the state. Out of these, more than 1.92 lakh voters chose to press the NOTA button instead of voting for any candidate. Thus, about 1.12 percent of the total votes cast went in favor of NOTA.

NOTA was used the most by voters of Koderma Lok Sabha seat. Here 42,152 voters expressed their dislike for all candidates through NOTA. The number of such voters was 3.08 percent. Apart from BJP’s Annapurna Devi who won and CPI ML’s Vinod Kumar Singh who came second, 13 candidates lost to NOTA. In Singhbhum, a total of 23,982 voters went with NOTA. Their number was 2.38 percent. There were a total of 14 candidates on this seat. Out of these, 11 had to face defeat due to NOTA.

21,919 voters voted NOTA in Khunti

Out of the total voters in Khunti, 2.34% i.e. 21,919 voters chose NOTA. There were seven candidates on this seat. Of these, except the winner of Congress, Kali Charan Munda and Union Minister Arjun Munda who came second, the other five candidates got less votes than NOTA. In Palamu, 1.75% of the voters pressed the NOTA button. Their total number was 23,343.

A total of 18,217 voters opted for NOTA in Rajmahal seat and their percentage was 1.5. Similarly, 11,384 voters in Lohardaga seat thought it better to go with NOTA and their percentage was 1.18. In other seats, less than one percent people chose NOTA.

14 out of 22 in Chatra, 19 out of 25 in Dhanbad, 9 out of 19 in Dumka, 8 out of 16 in Giridih, 10 out of 19 in Godda, 11 out of 17 in Hazaribagh, 21 out of 25 in Jamshedpur, 11 out of 15 in Lohardaga, 6 out of 9 in Palamu, 10 out of 14 in Rajmahal, 23 out of 27 in Ranchi and 11 out of 14 in Singhbhum got less votes than NOTA.

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