JDU leader Ghulam Gaus demanded PM from CM Nitish Kumar regarding Lok Sabha election result 2024 ANN

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: The exercise to form NDA government at the center has begun. CM Nitish has also given support. Meanwhile, JDU MLA Ghulam Gaus made a big statement on Friday regarding CM Nitish Kumar. He said that circumstances are a big factor in politics. Madhu Koda became the CM of Jharkhand despite being a single MLA. JDU has 12 MPs of its own. Circumstances force. Time is a conqueror. Nitish can become PM in future. Is the chair someone’s legacy? Anything can happen in the country in the coming days. Wait for the time. See what happens in the future.

He further said that Nitish is PM material. We want him to become PM. Nitish will prove to be a PM like Nehru and Atal. This is a country of diversity on the basis of religion and language, so Nitish can take everyone along. Such a person should be the PM. If Nitish becomes PM, it will be good for the entire country.

‘Any party can put a noose around Nitish’

The leaders of the ‘India’ alliance are trying to woo Nitish Kumar. On this, the JDU leader said that the country is not anyone’s legacy. Any party can try to woo Nitish. I congratulate the people of the country, whether Hindu or Muslim. The people have taken the right decision. In a democratic country, the opposition should also be strong.

CM Nitish supports Narendra Modi government

Before the formation of the new government at the center, the leaders of all the NDA parties reached the Central Hall of the old Parliament House on Friday for the parliamentary party meeting. During this, Nitish Kumar expressed his party’s support for PM Modi and said that he has been the Prime Minister for 10 years and he has served the country very well. The opposition parties have not done anything for the country till date. PM Modi has done a lot and whatever you want to do in the future, do it, we are with you. I want you to take oath today itself and start working.

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