It looks like an ordinary insect, but it kills a snake in one blow, it looks like an alien, people are terrified!

There are many such creatures in the world, seeing which you will be surprised, scared and perhaps even feel that they are creatures from another world. Many look ordinary but are extremely dangerous. Recently a person (Man spot alien creature in house) posted a photo of one such creature on social media, seeing which everyone was surprised. This insect is so strange that probably no one would have seen it in normal life.

Recently, a person posted a photo of an insect (Insect look like spider and scorpion) on the group r/whatsthisbug of the social media platform Reddit. This insect looks like a mixed breed of spider, scorpion and ant, but the person does not know what it actually is. The person told in the comment section that he is a resident of Irvine in California, USA. He wrote- “This insect was roaming in my house. It is very big and scary.” He asked people what it is.

weird creature spotted

The man posted on social media and asked people what kind of insect it was. (Photo: Reddit/r/whatsthisbug)

A man saw a strange creature
The person wrote in the comment- “This insect looks like an alien to me, I was scared after seeing it. I can’t tell if it is an ant, a scorpion or a spider.” However, many people guessed in the comments and also claimed what it could be. One user said that it could be Solifugae i.e. Sun Spider. Their bite causes intense pain and if they get a chance, they can attack snakes and scorpions and kill them. He told that these are found in the Mazave Desert of California.

This creature also attacks snakes and scorpions
The user who posted the photo said that he did research on the internet and found out that it was a Pale Wind Spider. One said that these creatures are not poisonous for humans, but their bite causes severe pain. According to the Daily Star News website, although this creature eats small insects like termites or beetles, its jaws are so strong that it can fight scorpions, snakes, lizards, birds or even rats.

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