Infocus Bingo 50 Review

Infocus is continuously launching many smartphones one after the other. Although the company’s products are not very recognized in the market, its products are continuously performing well. Like most brands, InFocus has also focused on the mid-range smartphone market where competition is tough these days. Recently we have seen low budget smartphones infocus bingo 21 Of review And today we have a new model bingo 50 Will review.

The company is branding this series of smartphones as “Phone for Fun”. The specifications of the Bingo 50 smartphone are somewhat similar to the Bingo 21. Know here what we saw and found in this smartphone.

Look and Design
The Bingo 50 smartphone looks similar to the low-budget colorful smartphone Bingo 21 of its own series. Even in a way this phone is old infocus m350 Only the body of the smartphone has been used. The location and shape of the cameras, speakers and buttons all look familiar.

The smartphone looks good but feels a bit heavy due to the thick panels above and below the screen. The front camera and earpiece are great and there’s an LED light on the top left corner that you can only see when it’s on. There is a large InFocus logo at the bottom of the screen.

BINGO 50 GO WITH REAR COVER DIFFERENT Available with rear cover Is. One rear cover is made of leather-like texture while the other has a sandpaper finish.

The camera lens, flash and mic are given in the upper half of the rear. The three holes at the bottom look like accessory connectors but are actually the Bingo 50’s speakers. The phone has two micro-SIM slots and one microSD slot. The phone’s battery is visible but not removable.

If other phones did not have sandpaper finish, this phone could have been very convenient to hold and use. On the side of the phone we have recently launched motorola Reminds the design of a smartphone. But the big size of the phone is the biggest problem and it creates the biggest problem in reaching every edge of the screen using the phone with one hand.

As expected, the phone is powered by a ‘1.3 GHz quad-core’ processor which InFocus has named as the standard MediaTek MT6735. This processor is ok in this price. Although it cannot be called a very powerful processor, it is fine for normal daily work. The phone has 3 GB RAM and 16 GB storage which can be expanded up to 64 GB with the help of microSD card. The phone supports 4G on bands 3 and 40 covering most Indian networks.

The screen of the phone is 5 inches and the resolution is 720×1280 pixels. Apart from this, connectivity features like Wi-Fi B/G/N, Bluetooth 4.1, A-GPS and USB-OTG are also present in this smartphone. The battery of the phone is 2500 mAh which may be a bit underrated for the phone.

InFocus says that its camera quality is what makes the phone stand out as a brand. Both the rear and front cameras in the phone are of 8 megapixels. Along with this, both have the same sensors with F/2 aperture. We were surprised to see that the phone does not have a flash with such a good front camera but it is expected that better quality pictures can be taken from the phone.

However, the most special feature of this phone which we found is that it comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We’re glad that InFocus is one of the companies that promises to release updates soon after launch. The Android interface is less polished.

If you like to customize your phone, then you may like the app drawer and homescreen in the phone. There is also an EZ Launcher present in the phone with which you can save battery by reducing the display of the phone.

We noticed that the superpowersaving mode of the phone also causes some problems. Due to this, during switch out, Wi-Fi and cellular data remained disabled while the preferred network remained stuck on 2G.

You can check the memory usage with the help of Mobile Assistant, a pre-installed app on Infocus Bingo 50. With the Power Detective app, you can know which apps and features are draining your battery quickly. App Traffic Control lets you block an individual app from using Wi-Fi and cellular data.

While using Bingo 50, we found its performance to be decent. It looks like M460 from inside while at first glimpse it may look like M350. Don’t know why Infocus has included this phone in its new Bingo series.

The phone has all the hallmarks of a budget smartphone. The phone does not have any unique feature or specification but at this price its performance can be said to be very good. The display of the phone is bright and vibrant.

As expected, the MT6735 processor works more on the CPU side than the GPU. The benchmark figures of the phone were fine. Casual games played fine on the phone.

In our video loop test, the phone’s battery lasted 8 hours 46 minutes. Whereas during normal use of the phone throughout the day, we needed to charge the phone late at night after the whole day.

Camera performance was good for a low-cost phone. The pictures of the phone looked detailed. However, colors tend to wash out and photos may become overexposed in brightly lit areas. We really liked the camera performance considering the low price of the phone. Autofocus doesn’t work most of the time and sometimes it stops completely but overall the photos were good.

Talking about the 8 megapixel front camera, the quality of the pictures is very poor in terms of definition and brightness. Only 640×480 pixel video can be recorded from the front camera.

our decision
The InFocus Bingo 50 may not look glamorous but it has a lot to offer for an entry-priced phone. The rear camera of the phone gives better pictures even in low light but we found Android 6.0 to be the best feature of the phone. But if you want to buy a phone with good software and less features then Bingo 50 can definitely become your choice. But if your budget can go up to Rs 10,000 then you can buy the more powerful and luxurious Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which has almost all the essential features of a budget smartphone.

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