Infocus Bingo 10 Review

It is clear that entry-priced smartphones are not like those smartphones which come with top specifications. However, the InFocus Bingo caught our attention because it is one of the few smartphones under Rs 5,000 to come with Android Marshmallow. Keeping in mind that even now most of the new and expensive smartphones are coming with Android Lollipop, then what? infocus bingo 10 Can prove to be better in its segment? Today we will review InFocus Bingo budget smartphone and know what are the shortcomings and advantages of the phone?

Look and Design
Bingo 10 Smartphones Apni Series Smartphones infocus bingo 21 ,review) And infocus bingo 50 ,review) is the lowest. Talking about the texture, this phone made of plastic feels rugged and the textured rear cover improves its grip. The sides and rear cover of our review unit were black but this phone from Infocus is also available in lime green border and white rear color.

Since there is no oleophobic coating on the screen, fingerprints and smudges easily appear on it. Because of this it becomes a little difficult to keep the phone clean. The WVGS screen has a resolution of (480×854) pixels and a density of 217 ppi. The display is not very good for multimedia activities. The viewing angle is also not good. On screen buttons are provided for navigation. Due to which a lot of space is saved at the bottom of the phone. Notification LED is not provided in the phone but LED flash is present with the camera.

Both the volume and power buttons are placed on the right side and work well. The phone has a headphone jack and micro-USB at the bottom. On the rear, there is a 5-megapixel rear camera with flash in the upper corner while the speaker is present at the bottom.

The design of Bingo 10 is not very good but considering the price it can be said to be okay. The phone is not very thin and its thickness is 10.4 mm. When you buy Bingo 10 you will get a charger, a data cable and a leaflet. The quality of accessories that come with the Bingo 10 is good compared to what other Indian phone manufacturers offer on budget smartphones.

Specifications and Software
The rear cover of the phone is removable. The 2000 mAh battery is removable. The phone has a micro-SIM tray, a regular SIM tray, and a microSD card. Bingo 10 is a tri-band phone that comes with 3G data support. The smartphone has a quad-core MediaTek MT6580A processor and 1 GB RAM. But in terms of performance, you should not expect too much from this phone. We got very poor performance from the phone in benchmark tests.

The phone supports Bluetooth 4, Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS and FM radio. USB-OTG did not work during our use. The phone has 8 GB storage, out of which you can use only 4.03 GB. InFocus’s InLife UI 2.0 skin has been given on top of Android Marshmallow. Due to which some useful tweaks like motion gestures (to quickly reject a call or to switch to another song) are available in the phone. Talking about apps, from the theme store you get ‘Power Detective’ for battery monitoring, ‘Mobile Assistant’ for cleaning the file system, with which you can create virtual bubblehead ’emoji’ of people from photos. Apart from this, InFocus Bingo 10 supports Marshmallow’s ‘Dose feature’ and ‘Now on Tap’.

While the combined features of Marshmallow and InFocus look good, the actual performance of the phone is not as expected. The real reason for this is display and less RAM. On average, the user has only 320 MB of RAM for use, which is not enough. The app takes time to launch and the glitch is evident when switching between apps. The touch of the display is also not good and sometimes one has to face a lot of trouble due to it.

It is a matter of relief that the call quality of the phone is good and we did not face any problem in it. The speaker is loud enough for conference calls but not good enough for multimedia playback. Bingo 10 plays 1080p video files smoothly, including high-vibration videos. The audio quality is better through headphones and Bingo also comes with 10 equalizer presets.

The Bingo 10 has a 5-megapixel rear camera but it is not autofocus so don’t expect too much. Even in daylight, the quality of both landscape and macro photos is below average. Shooting modes like burst, HDR and panorama are provided in the camera app, but due to lack of autofocus, these modes are also of no use. Video recording is done with electronic stabilization and a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels can be recorded. But the video quality is also below average. Decent selfies are taken from the front camera.

battery life
Battery life can be said to be an important feature of this smartphone in focus. In our video loop test, the Bingo 10’s battery lasted 8 hours and 43 minutes. During normal use, we were able to use the phone for more than a day. The phone comes with a standard 5 watt power adapter so charging takes time.

our decision
The company has introduced Bingo 10 as ‘the world’s most affordable smartphone running on Marshmallow’. But InFocus has had to cut many things to deliver this experience. The design and battery life of Bingo 10 are excellent but apart from this there is nothing very special in the phone.

At this price, the Android experience in this phone which comes with Marshmallow is also not very good because the company has made compromises in terms of hardware. Which means that you would be better off buying an Android Lollipop smartphone by paying a slightly higher price. Apart from this, not coming with 4G support is also a big drawback because today most of the smartphones are on LTE.

Overall, the InFocus Bingo 10 is a disappointment and despite its low price, we would recommend against buying the phone.

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