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Indore News: A huge fire broke out in a wine shop on the bypass located at MR 11 in Indore this afternoon, causing a loss of lakhs. The reason for the fire is not known yet, but as soon as the news was received, the fire team reached the spot and tried to extinguish the fire.

A huge fire broke out in a wine shop located at MR 11, Indore bypass this afternoon. The fire engulfed the entire shop in no time. The fire was so intense that the smoke could be seen rising from several kilometers away.

fire caused by short circuit
As soon as the shop on the highway caught fire, there was a commotion and the entire shop was burnt to ashes in no time. The reason for the fire is not known yet. Eyewitnesses said that they first saw a spark and perhaps this fire started due to a short circuit. As soon as the fire went out of control, people called the fire brigade and informed them and the fire team left for the spot.

There was a lot of damage to the goods kept in the shop
Attempts were being made to extinguish the fire till the news was written, however, due to the shop being located on the bypass, the fire engines took some time to reach and the fire took a terrible form, due to which the goods kept in the shop were damaged considerably.

use power tools with care
Actually, the whole country including Indore is experiencing severe heat at this time. If we talk about Indore, the temperature had reached around 47 degrees in the past few days. Due to the severe heat, electrical equipment is also catching fire, while many incidents of AC bursting have also come to the fore, in such a situation, the fire department also issued guidelines at its level and made people aware that they should use electrical equipment carefully, in such a situation, when there is severe heat, it is important to see whether the wiring is loose or there is a possibility of short circuit somewhere.

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