Indian origin astronaut Sunita Williams writes history pilot boeing starliner Calypso into space more details

Everyone in the world of space will be familiar with the name of Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams. Sunita Williams has once again created history in the world of space. Sunita flew to space for the third time yesterday. Actually, this flight is an example in itself. Sunita flew in Boeing’s CST 100 Starliner Spacecraft Calypso, of which she herself is the pilot. She has taken the Starliner Calypso to the International Space Station. Another NASA astronaut Butch Wilmore is also with her in it. Butch Wilmore is with her as the commander of the mission.

This flight is historic because Sunita Williams After this flight, she has become the first woman to go on such a mission. This mission is a crew flight test which was launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Before this, Space X’s Crew Dragon capsule has been the only spacecraft that has been launched on a mission. NASA to the space station (ISSN) has been flying to send people to the Earth. But Starliner has also been put in competition with it now. And Sunita Williams has become the first female crew member to fly it.

This is Sunita Williams’ third flight into space. Boeing She has flown for 25 hours on the Starliner spacecraft. That means it can take 25 hours. She has taken the spacecraft to the International Space Station. After that it will be docked with the ISS. Both crew members will spend a week there. After that, they will again board the Starliner for return on June 14.
Although the spacecraft is autonomous, the crew still used its hand controllers. Fortune India Report According to, during the far field demo, they turned the nose of the Starliner towards the Earth so that its communication antennas were directed towards the tracking and data relay satellites. After that, they rotated the Starliner in such a way that its solar arrays were directed towards the sun, and they could charge its internal battery. After that, the Starliner was rotated again and its nose was turned away from the Earth so that it was directed towards the stars.

With all these steps, the crew ensured that the Starliner can be controlled manually in every way. During this time, the speed of the Starliner was also increased and decreased manually.

Calypso has been developed by Boeing, for which the company has a contract with NASA. There were many obstacles before it could take off. But on Wednesday, it finally took its first flight. This test flight has been successful so far and with this, Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams made history by becoming its first female pilot as a crew.

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