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"In touch with Chinese counterparts to ensure law enforcement steps are taken": US NSA stabbed Americans in the

American citizens attacked in China
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US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expressed concern on Tuesday over the attack on American trainers in China and said that our team is in touch with Chinese counterparts to ensure that all necessary legal action can be taken in the matter.

We wish the injured a speedy recovery: Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan tweeted on social media X, “We are deeply concerned after the knife attack on American citizens in Jilin city of China. Our team is in touch with US and PRC counterparts to ensure that the victims get full help. Along with this, all legal steps are also taken.”

Four American trainers attacked with knives in China

According to CNN, an American school said that four American instructors, who had gone to China on a university tour, were attacked with a knife in a public park. In which they were seriously injured.

After the incident, Cornell College President Jonathan Brand issued a statement to the college community, saying that the American teachers had gone to China as part of a program and were in a public park there with their fellow institute people. Then they were seriously injured after being attacked with a knife. We are in touch with the four teachers injured in the incident and all possible help is being provided to them.

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