If you are sitting idle at home then start this business in Rs 6000, work for 3 hours and earn Rs 40 thousand per month.

New Delhi. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, all schools, colleges, coaching institutes are closed. Be it small children or adults, everyone is studying online these days. Due to which the craze for online classes has increased a lot. If you are also free at home or have lost your job, then there is no need to worry. There is absolutely no need to be disappointed because there are many such options even sitting at home which give you a chance to earn money and make you independent. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such woman who is earning Rs 40,000 per month by doing a special teaching course at home and teaching for just 3 hours.

Left job in IT company
Neha Narang, who lives in Model Town, Delhi, teaches children for 3 hours every day and gives special training to teachers for 2 hours. Neha told News18 Hindi that she has studied engineering, but after marriage she had to leave her job in an IT company. But Neha did not like to sit at home. That’s why he decided to start his own business. Neha also has two small children, due to which Neha cannot stay out for a long time. That is why she was looking for some work which she can do sitting at home and which can also earn her good income.

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Neha Narang, children of her class

Earns 40 thousand rupees/month- Neha earns 40 thousand rupees every month. She is currently associated with a company that teaches mathematics to children from KG to 8th class. The name of this company is cuemath. It has more than 3000 centers across the country. Which gives special women the opportunity to earn money sitting at home. For more information about this company, you can login to the website www.cuemath.com.

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Teacher taking cuemath class…

How to earn with Cuemath

, To become a member of Cuemath, first of all you have to go to Cuemath’s website.
, After this you will have to click on the option of become a teacher.
, After which a form will come. This form will have to be filled and submitted.
, After filling the form your work will be finished. cuemath will call you after fulfilling these conditions.
, After which you will be taken an online test and telephonic interview.
, After clearing which you will become a teacher.

Ability- To become a teacher it is necessary to be a graduate. Also, must have studied mathematics till 10th.
Fees- You will be given training from the company. The company charges Rs 6000 for this.

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You can teach at home
To start this business, you will need a small room inside which you can teach students. To attract students, you will have to do marketing yourself. For this marketing, you can use your nearby friends and social media. Neha Narang also started earning by doing the same. When Neha started this business in 2016, she had only 3 students. But today he has about 32 students.

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