‘If only! ‘My husband also makes roti’, wife is watching mobile, husband is rolling out roti, this video is amazing

Women often have the responsibility of doing household chores. From cooking to taking care of children, she does it very well. But now even men do not shy away from supporting women in household related work. Together both take care of the responsibilities of the house. If the wife is cooking then the man takes care of the children, or if the woman is taking care of the child then the husband helps in cooking. But a video of a lazy wife in a different style is going viral on social media, after watching which a woman has commented, ‘I wish! My husband also makes roti..’ After watching this video you will also say that it is amazing man.

In this video it can be seen that a woman is lying under a blanket on the cot and looking at her mobile. On the other hand, her husband is rolling the roti with his hands and baking it on the stove. Along with making roti, the husband also keeps an eye on the child’s actions. He is afraid that he might fall off the wall. But after seeing the child, the wife again focuses on the mobile. It seems as if he doesn’t care.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 13, 2024, 12:57 IST

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