If China attacks on Taiwan America will send troops US President Joe Biden big announcement

China attacks Taiwan: If China attacks Taiwan, America can send its army, this has been reiterated once again by US President Joe Biden. In an interview to Times Magazine, Biden said, ‘The use of US army cannot be ruled out in case of Chinese attack on Taiwan.’ During this, he said that there is a difference between deploying army on the ground, air power and naval power. Biden had also said this in the early days of his tenure. This was seen as a major change in America’s foreign policy.

In fact, Biden was asked in the interview that almost everyone agrees that stopping China is the biggest foreign policy and national security issue for the US and Americans in the coming days. CIA Director Bill Burns has said that Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked his army to be ready for a successful invasion of Taiwan by the year 2027. You have repeatedly reiterated that you will use the US military to defend Taiwan, what does this mean? Will troops be used on Taiwan’s land or what will be its form?

America will respond to China’s big action
Biden responded, “The nature of the use of the military will be decided based on the circumstances. I have already made it clear to Xi Jinping that we are ready to defend Taiwan. We have also signed this with the previous presidents. We are not demanding independence for Taiwan and we will not go to defend Taiwan just like that, unless there is a major action from China. That’s why we are continuing to supply capacity and talking to our allies in this region.”

Biden hinted at how he would attack?
Biden was asked whether the US would attack from bases in the Philippines or Japan in case of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan? Biden said, “We are not going to get into these things right now. It is a different matter that there is a difference between attacking from the ground, attacking from the sky and attacking with naval power.” Biden said that if he explains things in detail, people will criticize him for good reasons.

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