Husband died in an accident, 15 months later wife became mother of his child! How was this possible?

It is said that a person dies, but his love remains immortal. A woman from Australia has proved this to be completely true. The woman’s husband died in an accident, but she wanted to become the mother of his child. 15 months after his death, the woman gave birth to her husband’s child. Now the question arises that how was this possible? Let us tell you.

woman give birth after husband death

Her husband was an Olympic-level snowboarder. (Photo: Instagram/alexchumpypullin)

According to The Sun report, Australian model Ellidy Pullin is 31 years old. 4 years ago, such an incident happened with her that changed her life. Ellidy was in love with a man for 10 years, whom she also married. The man’s name was Alex Pullin who was an Olympic level snowboarder. He participated in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. In a podcast, Ellidy told that 32-year-old Alex once went spear fishing, that is, fishing with a spear. That day was 8 July 2020.

woman give birth after husband death

For the woman, her husband has now come to her in the form of a daughter. (Photo: Instagram/ellidy_)

husband died in an accident
While fishing, Alex drowned and died. When this incident from Gold Coast, Queensland reached Eldy, she could not believe it because her husband knew how to swim. She did not believe it at first, but when she came to know the truth, the ground slipped under her feet. Just a few hours after the death, his family and friends advised that he should immediately resort to a procedure called post-mortem sperm retrieval. In this process, the doctor extracts sperm from the body of a brain dead or completely dead man through a needle and then stores it in a fertility clinic, sperm bank. This process can take place between 24 hours to 36 hours after death.

Daughter born after 15 months
Within 12 hours, Alex’s sperm was stored in the same way. It was a very difficult time for Elli because her father had also died in January of the same year. After about 6 months, she started the IVF process and after 2 rounds she became pregnant and in October 2021 she gave birth to Mini Alex Pullin. She says that the daughter looks exactly like her father. She said in the podcast that now she feels as if her husband has returned to the world.

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