Husband and wife asked the nanny to borrow money, handed over a 5-month-old baby, then got into trouble again!

It is said that becoming a parent is the best blessing given by God. As soon as you have a child in your hands, you automatically become responsible and smart. Parents rarely hand over their child to anyone, but the incident we are going to tell you today is completely different from this.

There are strange people in the world. A couple left their 5-month-old child in the care of a nanny, borrowed money from her and ran away. Neither did they think about the child nor his safety. The case is from China, where a nanny has to raise a 5-month-old child without money because his parents have gone missing.

Child’s parents ran away after borrowing money from babysitter
According to Miss Yu, the nanny who was a victim of the fraud case, she was hired to look after the child of a couple in Harbin. He was to be given a salary of Rs 83 thousand for this work. A few days later, the child’s parents told him that they had to go to Tianjin to collect their inheritance. Not only this, he also asked him to borrow some money for paperwork. He asked the nanny to take care of the child till then.

The child’s parents never returned
The nanny alleges that she has not received any salary since November last year, while she is raising the child of the missing couple. They have also taken away his money, which was all his savings. The nanny also showed the photos of the luxury property the couple had talked about. All those photos turned out to be edited and useless and now I cannot even contact them.

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