How is the cheese you eat made in the factory? You will be surprised after watching the full video!

Paneer ki sabzi is a dish that people get prepared during parties or any function. In middle class homes, paneer is mostly prepared on such days when a guest comes to the house. But have you ever wondered how the paneer (How paneer made in factory) that people eat with such fondness is prepared in the factory? These days a video is going viral in which the making of paneer of a famous brand is shown.

This video has been posted on Instagram account @thefoodiehat, in which Anand goes inside the Paneer making factory of the company and shows how it is made. This factory is in Uttar Pradesh. It is told in the video that Paneer is made in the factory with utmost cleanliness. By the way, you will also understand by watching it that how much cleanliness is actually maintained in making it.

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