Highlight of Apple’s new 2023 WWDC: All You Need To Know!

In 2023 Apple’s new WWDC Worldwide Developer Conference event, Apple launched many new devices and software updates. The company launched their new MacBook Air. However, the show-stopper of the event was their new first AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro.

Here is everything you need to know about the Apple Vision Pro.


According to Apple, this vision Pro will bring a new system of Computing known as Spatial Computing. These pro headsets offer an extraordinary experience of browsing. Now apple users can browse their safari in their personal space with many tabs and Windows gliding in their vicinity.  Users can now also use apps, video games and video streaming anytime and anywhere.

This vision pro is supposed to work smoothly with other Apple devices, including iPhones, iPad and Macbooks. This headset also provides a new FaceTime experience with unique features. Vision Pro will give the users 3D visuals with spatial audio and the expertise of a 100-inch wide display.

What will be the software for Apple Vision Pro?

According to Apple, the Brand New Vision OS is a specific OS designed for spatial Computing, and Apple Vision Pro also runs on Vision iOS.  Price ofApple Vision Pro The new Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499. The headset will hit the market new year.

All you need to know about the new Apple MacBook.


The new 15-inch Macbook Air was designed with a custom-made M2 processor. This new MacBook Air is assumed to be the world’s thinnest laptop, just 11.5 mm, and weighs 3.3 pounds. This MacBook has an 18-hour battery life, fast performance and a six-speaker sound system.

The price of the new MacBook Air

Currently the price starts at $1299 and for education at $1199.

The price of the new MacBook Air in India

The MacBook will be available in midnight, starlight, silver and space grey. The price in India starts at Rs1,34,900.

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Apple also introduced the new M2 Marks and M2 ultra chips in an update to its Mark studio. Now developers are set to develop new apps at high speed, 25 times faster than M1 Max.

Update in ios17

Furthermore, Apple announced the launch of new updates on ios 17 later in the Year, including some new features for call-making and messaging. IOS 17 will now provide contact posters allowing users to design their customised images, which will appear while receiving a call. A feature of live voicemail transcription will also be added now; users can decide if to ignore or take the call. It will also help families and friends to be more safe.

Users will also have a new tool name drop. This tool allows users to share contact information by holding their iPhones close together.

IPod, airpods and watch updates.


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The company launched new updates for iPad watches and Airpods. Now, ipads will get some of the lock screen features provided by the iPhone. This includes personalised wallpapers and interactive widgets for better and quick performance.

Apple Watch announces WatchOS10.


Watchos10 will now use machine learning to show relevant devices such as medical records, sleep data, digital well-being, calendars etc. Users can now also enter their daily moods, which will help the watch’s health app to access their health and inform them of the risk of anxiety or depression. The watch will also get new cycling and hiking features.

Wireless AirPods

Airpods will now have the new adaptive audio feature. This update will help reduce the distracting noise in changing environments and help understand listeners’ preferences, allowing airpods to make changes in the audio.

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Apple TV update

With the new FaceTime feature on Apple TV, users can use their iPhone as a Remote. Shareplay improvements will allow users to watch content and connect with friends using FaceTime.

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