Here the gender of girls changes as soon as they turn 12 years old, they automatically become boys, the mystery is still unsolved!

There are many strange places around the world whose mysteries are still unsolved. In some of these places, mostly twins are born, while some are villages of dwarfs. There are also some places where people sleep day and night. But have you heard of a place where girls are born from the womb of women, but with increasing age they become boys? Surely, you have not heard. But let us tell you that this village has surprised researchers and scientists alike. Research is being done on the village for the past several years, but the real reason for the gender change has still not been revealed.

The name of this small village is La Salinas, which is located in the North American country Dominican Republic. You will be surprised to know, but let us tell you that the girls born in this village become boys by the time they reach the age of 12. Their gender changes automatically. Their voice becomes heavy like men. Hair starts growing all over the body. The people of this village want to have a daughter, but due to the automatic change of gender, they get disappointed when girls are born. There is mourning in their homes. Researchers have been doing research for the past several years, but even after this, no result has come out.

In medical science, surgery is used to change gender, but in this village, girls automatically become boys. Many researchers have tried to find the answer to this. But no one has been able to find out how this happens. However, most people consider this village to be cursed. At the same time, some experts believe that the reason for gender change is a genetic disease, named ‘pseudohermaphrodite’. Scientists say that due to this genetic defect, the organs of children born as girls gradually start changing into males. That is, a girl automatically becomes a boy without surgery. Many researchers are still investigating this. So that such cases can be prevented.

The ABC report According to the report, doctors from Cornell University in upstate New York went there to study some children with this medical anomaly, and even brought some of them with them to the US for research. The BBC also spoke to a boy named Johnny who had undergone gender reassignment surgery. The BBC report According to, ‘A boy named Johnny was raised as a girl since childhood. But with increasing age, his gender changed and he became Johnny. Johnny said in a conversation with BBC, ‘I never liked to dress like a girl. When my parents used to buy toys for girls, I never bothered to play with them. Despite being a girl by birth, whenever I saw boys playing, I used to stop to play ball with them.’

Life becomes hell!
Those girls who become boys with age, their life becomes like hell. In the Dominican Republic, these men are known as Guevedoces which means ‘penis at the age of twelve.’ Many people also call them ‘Machihembras’ which means ‘first a woman, then a man’. Officially this condition is called 5-alpha reductase deficiency. Let us tell you that the population of this village situated on the seashore is around 6 thousand.

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