He was doing a dangerous stunt on a hill, suddenly the man’s beard caught fire, you will be stunned to see what happened next!

People do all sorts of things these days to go viral on social media. Sometimes you will see someone dancing and singing, and sometimes someone will try to garner views by doing dangerous stunts. In the pursuit of doing stunts, people do not pay attention to what they are getting into. These days, a video of a man is going viral who is seen playing with fire. He tries to spit fire from his mouth like a dragon, but while doing this trick, his long beard catches fire (Man beard caught fire viral video). You will be stunned to see what happens after that.

Surprising videos are often posted on the Instagram account @sourav_jyoti_borah. Recently, one such video has been shared in which a man is seen performing a stunt with fire (Man do fire breathing stunt video). He is standing on a hill. His friends are also present around him. The man is doing a fire breathing act. You must have seen this trick in the circus. In this, the stuntman puts fuel in his mouth and blows rapidly on the burning wood. Due to the fuel, the fire blazes rapidly. It looks as if fire is coming out of the stuntman’s mouth.

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