He showered slaps on the rooster, beat it up, a delicate girl, people got angry seeing the cruel style!

We all know that violence should not be done against animals, but some people are different from this. They have some mental problems, who do not hesitate in torturing even mute animals. At this time, one such video is going viral on social media, which will leave you shocked.

When it comes to cruelty and violence, girls are considered more sensitive than men. However, the video we are going to show you today is quite different from this. In this, not a man but a girl is torturing an animal. If you watch this video, then believe me, your heart will also cry for the chicken who is enduring this torture.

girl’s cruelty on a rooster
In the viral video, you can see that a girl is present in a warehouse. A rooster is seen in front of her. The rooster is looking at the girl and the girl starts raining slaps on it. She slaps the rooster several times without stopping and when it starts attacking her, she catches the rooster by the neck and starts throwing it like a sack. Many of us can get disturbed after watching this video.

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