He made such a cooler out of bricks that even AC will fail! This person found a wonderful solution to escape the heat

The only thing that can bring relief from the condition of Indians in this heat is AC. But not everyone can afford AC. In such a situation, people have to make do with coolers, which too cannot reduce this humid heat. But a person has taught people a great way to avoid the heat. This person has made such a cooler (Cooler made of bricks viral video) from bricks which will definitely make AC fail, because there is no tension of planting grass in it, nor is there a need for honeycomb. This Jugaad of the person can prove to be very helpful.

Often surprising videos are posted on the Instagram account @sharpfactmind. Recently, one such video has been posted in which a person has made a Desi AC using bricks (Cemented cooler video). He has made this cooler by combining 1 thousand bricks. Only 5 bags of cement and sand have been used for this. In the video, the person said that a new cooler can be bought at this cost, but he claims that even a new cooler may not cool as much as this cooler will.

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