Hajj Yatra 2024 Saudi Arabia warns against fraudulent Hajj ads on social media

Hajj Yatra 2024 : Haj pilgrimage is going to start from June 14. Pilgrims have started going for this. In such a situation, the security department has issued an advisory to ensure that no fraud happens to them. The Director General of Public Security has also issued a warning notice to the local people and Haj pilgrims, in which he has advised them not to pay attention to misleading advertisements on social media. The directorate has warned that anyone found involved in these fraudulent activities will be fined. The Directorate General of Security has asked citizens and residents to avoid fake Hajj related social media advertisements. The Directorate believes that these misleading advertisements provide false services related to Haj. In this, it is said that providing Hajj services, offering sacrifices, Hajj bracelets and transport, all these are traps of unknown persons, hence take the services of only authorized institutions. The directorate urged citizens and residents to strictly follow Hajj rules and guidelines.

The journey will start from June 14th!
Let us tell you that issuing visas for Haj started from March 1 and stopped on April 29. The first flight of 283 pilgrims arrived from Hyderabad on Thursday morning, 9 May. Hajj is expected to start from June 14. The Saudi Arabia Moon Sighting Committee may make changes in the date until the official announcement is made. More than 1.8 million pilgrims are expected to attend the holy pilgrimage to Mecca in 2023, the highest number since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Permission will also have to be taken from the administration

At the same time, the Saudi Arabian administration has implemented a new rule. According to the new rule, people going to Mecca from Saudi Arabia will now have to take permission from the concerned authority. According to the General Director of Public Security, these rules came into effect from May 4. Now any resident wishing to enter Mecca will need a permit. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the new rules aim to simplify the Hajj process and ensure the safety of pilgrims. Those living in Mecca must have an ID card, and those working in the holy places there must have a valid pass. Security personnel will not allow people who do not have valid permits to enter. Those without permits will be turned away from the checkpoints.

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