Hajj Month started in Saudi Arabia moon of Dhu-al-Hijja is visible Bakrid 2024 Date Clear

Hajj Month: The Supreme Court has confirmed that the moon of Dhu al-Hijjah was sighted in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. The last month of the Islamic calendar has begun today, i.e. 7 June. This month is also known for Hajj, because Hajj pilgrims go to Saudi Arabia in this month. According to Saudi media, information about sighting of the moon was received from different parts of the country on 29th Zilqad. The first day of Zilhajj will be on Friday, due to which Eid ul Azha i.e. Bakrid will be celebrated on 16 June. The day of Arafat will be celebrated on 15 June.

On Thursday, the moon of Zilhaj was seen in the Gulf countries as well as in the UK, US and Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia hopes that this time a record number of Haj pilgrims will come to Saudi from all over the world. Special preparations have been made in Saudi for Haj, the roads in Arafat have been painted white. A Saudi official said that ‘historically, a large number of Haj pilgrims are expected to come to Saudi this year, extensive measures have been taken for their safety and comfort’

Bakrid may be celebrated on 17th June in India
On the other hand, the moon of Zilhaj will be seen on June 7 in Pakistan. In India too, efforts will be made to see the moon of Dhu al-Hijja on Friday. It is believed that if the moon is not seen today, then Bakrid will be celebrated in India on June 17. After the sighting of the moon on the 29th day of Zilqad, the last month of the Islamic calendar, Dhu al-Hijja, begins.

Cattle are sacrificed on the day of Bakrid
After Ramadan, this month is also very special in Islam, because Haj pilgrimage is done in this month. Apart from this, the festival of Bakrid is also celebrated in this month. Muslims all over the world sacrifice animals on the tenth day of this month. This sacrifice is seen as a reminder of the love of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail for Allah.

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