Global Times journalist said PM Modi is becoming weak, Taiwan President Lai Ching give congratulations

Global Times On PM Modi , Lok Sabha ElectionsNot just India, countries across the world were keeping an eye on the results. This time BJP has got only 240 seats, due to which it is being discussed across the world. Although the NDA alliance has an absolute majority, Narendra Modi is also going to become the PM, but China is now making fun of it. A journalist from the Chinese newspaper Global Times has said that Modi is getting weak. Now in the coming times, India’s tension with the West will increase.

Global Times also shared a video of this on X. In this, journalist Hu Xijin said that Narendra Modi has won for the third time, but it is a kind of defeat. His party has not succeeded in getting an absolute majority, although his alliance has got an absolute majority. Modi will have to depend on smaller parties to run the government. He said that Modi has influence in India, due to which America trusted him. Once Modi becomes weak, America can assess. This election is a decisive turning point for Modi to become weak from strong. However, former diplomat Kanwal Sibal called this analysis of the Chinese journalist foolish.

The diplomat said it was foolish

The journalist further said that India has shown strong relations with the West. Which does not match. Now there is a possibility of increasing conflict with the West. Former diplomat Kanwal Sibal replied to the Chinese journalist. He said that this stupid analysis shows that China is nervous about the strength of relations between India and America. As soon as China became strong, America declared China as its main enemy. The arguments are completely opposite.

Taiwan came with Modi

And after winning the election, Narendra Modi Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-te congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his election victory. He said, “My heartiest congratulations to Prime Minister Modi on his election victory. We are ready to enhance the rapidly growing Taiwan-India partnership, increase trade to contribute to peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.” Modi replied, “Thank you Lai Ching-te for your warm message. I look forward to closer relations as we work towards a mutually beneficial economic and technological partnership.”

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