Ghaziabad Loni MLA Nandkishore Gurjar and Ghaziabad Police Commissioner dispute continues an

UP Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: In Ghaziabad Lok Sabha Elections Since then, a different kind of fight was going on. This fight is going on between Ghaziabad’s Loni MLA Nand Kishore Gurjar and Ghaziabad Police Commissioner, but now this fight has gone beyond correspondence and has reached the video. Today Nand Kishore Gurjar made and released a video from his home, in which he showed in the video that he was not getting security personnel from Ghaziabad Police.

Former chairman of Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Loni Nagar Palika and currently husband of Loni Nagar Palika chair, Manoj Dhama came in defense of Ghaziabad police commissioner. After this, Nandkishore Gurjar has released another video against Ghaziabad police in the evening and has made serious allegations over the phone.

“If there was a SP government, the police commissioner would have been dismissed”

In the video, Nandkishore Gurjar said that look at the audacity of Ghaziabad Police Commissioner, if this would have happened in SP-BSP government, he would have been dismissed, suspended or action would have been taken against him, but our BJP government is not doing so. My gunmen were removed by Ghaziabad Police Commissioner, whereas I have received threats from Pakistan and terrorists have also been arrested from my assembly, but even after that my gunmen have been removed.

Nandkishore Gurjar further said that the gunmen of Ghaziabad Muradnagar MLA Ajit Pal have also been removed, even though a conspiracy to kill him had already been hatched, after which he was given gunmen. We had not asked for these gunmen, the police themselves had given us gunmen for our security, which is now being insulted by removing them, but Ghaziabad police has given gunmen to the murder accused. This is the same criminal who wants to get me killed. Ghaziabad Police Commissioner Ajay Mishra is working for SP and in the coming time he probably wants to contest the MLA MP election from SP, for which he got his posting in Ghaziabad by paying a huge bribe and is taking bribes of crores of rupees daily, while the law and order situation inside Ghaziabad is continuously in shambles.

Manoj Dhama’s retort on Nandkishore Gurjar’s statement

After this statement of Nandkishore Gurjar, Manoj Dhama, former chairman of Loni Nagar Palika of BJP alliance Rashtriya Lok Dal and husband of the current chairman, has also released a video. Manoj Dhama has said in his statement that Nandkishore Gurjar’s statements should be thoroughly investigated and after a fair investigation, he should be expelled from the party. Because the way he is accusing Ghaziabad police officers of working as agents of SP, but from his statement it seems that he himself is working as an agent of SP.

Earlier, MLA Nandkishore Gurjar used to pressurize the local police and get fake cases and FIRs registered. But ever since impartial investigating officers like Ajay Mishra have come to Ghaziabad, this practice of his has stopped, due to which he is making such allegations against the Ghaziabad police. In such a situation, the organization should also become a part of the investigation and expel Nandkishore Gurjar from the organization. Because these people are defaming the name of the BJP.

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