G20 Summit 2023| Srinagar prepares for the Historic International Forum

Srinagar, Kashmir
Srinagar, Kashmir

Srinagar is prepared to welcome the historic G20 summit and host more than 200 G20 delegates. A working group meeting of the international forum will be held at the Sher-I-Kashmir International conference centre (SKICC) from May 22nd to 24th.

According to officials, the global gathering is anticipated to affect trade and tourism in the area positively. The government aims to promote internationally to draw filmmakers from around the world. However, the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir has opened more than three hundred destinations for film shoots.

How is Administration looking after the Srinagar’s Security?

Administrative Secretary of Tourism, J&K, Syed Abid Rashid, in an interview, said that the International meeting would be an excellent opportunity for India to showcase the beauty and the generosity of J&K. We are putting a lot of effort into preparing to welcome the delegates from across the 20 countries, he added.

G20 Summit
G20 summit

Resources say India is hosting the G20 Summit in Srinagar to communicate progress worldwide. Kashmir will open up as a filming location, and thus, it will generate jobs in the process. In addition, it will be a wake-up call to the nations who view the territory as a troubled region.

However, critical analysts argue India is set to host the G20 Summit in Kashmir to project “normalcy” in the disputed area. The event will be held in Kashmir to assert that the abrogation of Article 370 (the cancellation of partial autonomy) brought peace and progress in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, security in the valley has stepped up in preparation for the meeting of the G20 tourism working group. The security forces are on high alert, and there have been more than 70 search operations in the valley only this month.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India is examining potential threats and is conducting raids across the valley. The NIA is looking into concerns that maybe the militants sympathisers were acting as couriers and are moving explosives, including magnetic bombs, in the valley. The NIA investigates terror threats; 30 foreign militants who have been hiding in the valley for a year have been activated by Pakistan.

The Additional Director General of Police, Vijay Kumar, affirms that there will be three-tier security and the anti-drone equipment will be set up in the air. He said that they’re taking help from the Marine Commandos and the Army, and under three-tier security, they will deploy Police, CRPF, BSF, and SSB to conduct the meeting safely.

How is the G20 Summit going to impact Kashmir?

A tidal wave of revolutionary outcomes is anticipated to follow the G20 summit in Jammu and Kashmir, putting the area on a new course for stability, economic expansion, and social advancement. The G20 summit will allow world leaders to come together and discuss the best methods to invest in the area and promote the growth of economies.

Creating jobs, improved access to healthcare and education, and social stability are necessary to make a more affluent Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, it will undoubtedly encourage a positive and cooperative environment, resulting in a better future for everyone.

Dal lake, Srinagar
Dal lake, Srinagar

The G20 summit could be a significant turning point in the area’s history if Jammu and Kashmir seize this chance with tenacity and conviction. It will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for lasting and permanent development.

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