From World Cup to Lok Sabha elections, from Ian Botham to Ghosh, Azad has been defeating his opponents

New Delhi. If Dilip Ghosh is shocked by his defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, he should watch the video of Ian Botham from the 1983 World Cup, who was even more shocked than him after losing his wicket. Be it the 22-yard pitch of London’s Oval or the political ground of the industrial city of Bardhaman-Durgapur, Kirti Azad’s ability to baffle the giants is amazing.

Kirti Azad won the Bardhaman-Durgapur seat in West Bengal by 1,37,981 votes. Azad defeated one of the senior BJP leaders in a constituency that was not at all familiar to him when he was first declared a TMC candidate. He eventually returned with pride as a Lok Sabha member by securing 7,20,667 votes.

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At the Oval in London, Kirti Azad had bowled Botham with a low delivery. The frustration on the face of the world’s number one all-rounder was clearly visible at that time. On Tuesday, when this 65-year-old former cricketer from Bihar defeated Ghosh in a city in Bengal, it could be called one of the biggest victories of the Trinamool Congress. This seat has a considerable population of non-Bengalis.

Those who understand Bengal politics may argue that Ghosh, the former BJP state president, was forced to contest from an unfamiliar area but then this was not a very familiar area for Azad either. By the way, this is the third time that Azad has won the Lok Sabha election. Earlier, Azad had won two consecutive elections for the BJP from Darbhanga in Bihar. Later
He had joined the Congress due to a dispute with the late Arun Jaitley over alleged corruption in the administration of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA).

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If the presence of Azad’s close friend Kapil Dev boosted him during his short international career, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a second lease of life to his political career. It may have been less skill and more luck, but a World Cup winner, flamboyant former Delhi Ranji captain, national selector and a staunch critic of Jaitley, Azad always knew how to stay in the news.

Many believe that Azad was one of the first Indian batsmen in domestic cricket to understand the ‘doosra’ delivery bowled by off-spinners in the early and mid-80s, when many bowlers did not even know what it was.

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