Foreign girl told about the culture of ‘India’, people lost their hearts and said- ‘Where were you till now?’

In the age of social media, it is not possible to say when something will go viral. Sometimes we see such things which we cannot even imagine. Leave alone Indians, even foreigners come to our country and make videos and become famous by sharing them on social media. The video of one such girl is going viral right now.

On social media, the girl is talking about Indian culture and people are falling in love with her style. You must also watch this interesting video. People are liking her attire and her way of speaking so much that they even asked where she was for so many days, which was not found.

The girl showed the culture of ‘India’
In the video that is going viral, a foreign girl is wearing a blue dress and a red scarf over it. She is standing outside an old temple and says that here in India, people take off their slippers outside before entering the house and temple. They believe that God lives in these places. People are liking this video a lot and praising the girl.

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