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Far-rightists won European Union French President Macron losses

Emmanuel Macron
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The far-right parties have achieved great success in the European Union (EU) elections. They have given a big blow to the traditional ruling forces of many countries, in which French President Emmanuel Macron’s party also suffered a crushing defeat. The key to power in the European Union, which has a total of 27 countries, seems to be slipping into the hands of right-wing parties. Meanwhile, Macron has announced mid-term legislative elections in France.

Counting of votes continued on Monday in the EU elections held on Sunday, but the results showed that the joint parliament of the 27-nation block has clearly shifted towards the right wing. Italy’s PM Giorgia Melani more than doubled her party’s seats in parliament. Germany’s far-right party ‘Alternative for Germany’ may have faced a scandal related to its candidates, but the party gathered enough seats to defeat the ‘Social Democrats’ party of the country’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In Germany, the largest country of the EU, the names of many top candidates of ‘Alternative for Germany’ were involved in scandals, but the party’s vote percentage increased to 16.5% as compared to 11% in 2019. At the same time, the combined vote percentage of the 3 parties in Germany’s ruling coalition was barely 30%. Agency

Ursula sensed the danger and was successful

Sensing the danger of losing to far-right parties, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s party ‘Christian Democrats’ had adopted a more right-wing stance on the issues of migration and climate before the elections. Due to this, she was successful.

Melanie became stronger in the alliance

Melanie’s Brothers of Italy party has secured 28.8 percent votes in the EU elections in Italy. The Frozen Italia party in the coalition he is a part of has got 9.6 percent votes and the Lega party has got 9.1 percent votes. Now Melanie’s position in the coalition has become stronger.

National Assembly dissolved in France

French President Macron has dissolved the National Assembly and announced mid-term elections after his party’s defeat in the elections for the European Parliament. In his address to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Macron said, I have decided to hold parliamentary elections, so I am dissolving the National Assembly.

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