Egypt increases problems for Benjamin Netanyahu Egypt will go international court for Palestine Hamas happy

Israel-Hamas war: Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, the Muslim country Egypt has made a big announcement. Egypt said on Sunday that it would go to the International Court against Israel. After this announcement, Egypt has made it clear that it is with Palestine. On Sunday, Egypt said it would intervene to support South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice. Egyptian officials have also said before that if Israel continues military operations in Rafah, Egypt will be forced to consider its relations with Israel.

Reuters quoted the Egyptian Foreign Ministry as saying that the matter of interference in the South Africa case has come in protest against Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. However, Egypt has not made it clear what kind of intervention it will make in the International Court. Egypt has already presented arguments in this matter. It is now believed that if Egypt goes to the International Court against Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s problems may increase. Because Israel’s military operation in Rafah is already being opposed all over the world. America has also opposed this decision of Israel.

Egypt said it violated the Geneva Convention
According to Israeli news portal Jerusalem Post, Egypt said that civilians in Gaza are being targeted in Israeli attacks. Along with this, Palestine’s infrastructure is being damaged. Because of this, the citizens of Palestine are becoming victims of displacement, due to which a humanitarian crisis has arisen in Palestine. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that ‘This action of Israel is a violation of international law, humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 regarding the protection of civilians during war.’

Palestinians have taken refuge in Rafah
Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, has welcomed this decision of Egypt. Hamas said that ‘We praise Egypt’s announcement to join the lawsuit filed by South Africa in the International Court of Justice.’ On the other hand, Israel has started its campaign in Rafah. At present, this Israeli campaign is going on at a slow pace. It is said that Rafah is the last fort of Hamas in Gaza. Currently there are more than 1.5 million Palestinian refugees in Rafah.

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