Do you also eat capsicum? Keep your eyes open while cutting it, you will be stunned after watching the video…

Whenever we eat fast food or any Chinese dish, capsicum is definitely included in it. Many people also like the capsicum vegetable. Usually people do not look carefully inside after washing it from outside. Today we will show you such a video, after which you will never be able to cut capsicum without looking properly.

People chop it and put it in fast food without even looking at it. In such a situation, it is very important for you to watch this video. In this video going viral on social media, a thread-like thing comes out from inside the capsicum. You yourself will be surprised to see this.

A strange worm found in capsicum!
In the video going viral, it can be seen that a woman has cut a capsicum from the middle, as soon as it is cut, a thread-like thing comes out from inside it. By pulling it, it becomes almost as long as a finger. Actually, this is a thread worm, a type of worm, which is often found in capsicum. It has been claimed in the video that if the thread worm goes into the stomach, it starts eating the cells and becomes fatal.

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