Do women wear sarees in any country other than India? You will be surprised to know the answer

Saree is considered to be the traditional dress of India. But nowadays it has become a part of fashion and is spreading all over the world. Many celebrities of the world are seen wearing saree on many occasions and this is no longer an occasional event. Saree has become a part of fashion shows long ago. But is saree a common dress in other countries apart from India? Yes, this is true. But very few people know which are the countries other than India where women wear saree.

Saree is basically considered to be the dress of India. It is the oldest dress of the country which women have been wearing since the beginning of the culture. But today the situation is somewhat different. It has reached many countries of the world. In some countries it has reached as a fashion, while in some places it has reached many years ago and has become a part of the culture there.

Before answering your question, let us tell you that saree is considered the main dress of women not only in India but also in South Asia. Apart from India, it is mainly worn in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Many people also consider saree as the main dress of Asia.

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Today, saree has reached all over the world through fashion. (Symbolic picture: Canva)

Therefore, it is not surprising that women are often seen in sarees even in countries like Malaysia and Myanmar. But since globalization, saree has also been seen spreading rapidly as a fashion in the world. The people of India have introduced the world to the various possibilities of wearing sarees, due to which it has become a trend in many countries of London, Moscow, America, Europe. Saree is also being adopted very much in the Middle East. People going here from India have introduced saree to the people of these countries.

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The reason for the saree being liked all over the world is the variety in the ways it can be worn. There are a large number of types of sarees and it can be worn in many ways. It can be molded into many fashion formats. It can also be worn according to many seasons. Another specialty of this is that it can be adapted to many cultures.

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