Do soilless farming on the roof of your house, you can earn big money

New Delhi. If you are thinking of doing business from home, then you know such an idea in which the cost is low and the earning can be quite good. All that is required for this is the roof of the house and an open courtyard. Nowadays Terrace Farming There is an emerging trend, which you are getting a great opportunity to cash in on. In this technique, soil is not used at all and the nutrients necessary for the plants are delivered directly to the roots of the plants with the help of water. This Hydroponics It is said.

Plant plants in multi layer frame
In hydroponics technique, plants are grown in pipes with the support of a multi-layer frame. Their roots are left in nutrient-rich water inside the pipe. There are many companies working for the setup of hydroponics which help you in setting up everything from hobbyist garden to commercial farm. Startups like Letsectra Agritech Bitmines Innovations, Future Farms, Hamari Krishi are working in this. Hydroponics setupers can be purchased from these companies.

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System of planting 400 saplings for one lakh rupees
About 35 to 40 plants can be planted in a two meter high tower. You can buy 10 towers with about 400 plants for up to Rs 1 lakh. If the system is used properly then only the cost of seeds and nutrients will be incurred.

To protect from the effects of weather, net shed or poly house will be required. Through this technology, farming is done in a controlled environment. Therefore, farmers often produce such vegetables whose price is higher in the market.

how much will be the earning
You can earn up to Rs 2 lakh annually by growing expensive fruits and vegetables.

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