Demand for Ayurvedic products increased during the Corona period, earn huge profits every month by investing Rs 50 thousand

New Delhi. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the demand for Ayurvedic products has increased significantly in the country. Many Ayurvedic products which increase immunity power against Corona have come in the market. Due to increase in demand for Ayurvedic products during the Corona period, earning opportunities have also been created in this sector. Vati Gutika is in high demand among Ayurvedic products. Almost every Ayurvedic company is making and selling Vati Gutika. This Ayurvedic medicine, known as Vati or Gutika, is used in many types of diseases. If you have 50 thousand rupees then you can earn by planting Ayurvedic Vati Gutika plant. To set up this unit, the government is giving up to 90 percent loan and 25 percent subsidy under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program (PMEGP).

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a report on setting up a manufacturing plant of Vati Gutika. Its project cost is around Rs 5 lakh and if you apply for a loan under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme, then you should have Rs 50 thousand, the remaining 90 percent will be given as loan.

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how much will it cost
According to the project report of KVIC, the cost of your project will be approximately Rs 5.06 lakh, which includes machinery-equipment, working capital, workshop rent etc. At this cost you will prepare approximately 20 thousand Vati Gutika in a year.

Building rent Rs 2 lakh per annum, equipment Rs 2.10 lakh, working capital Rs 96 thousand, raw material expenditure Rs 3.35 lakh, label packaging Rs 25 thousand, salary Rs 4.25 lakh, administrative expenditure Rs 1.50 lakh, overhead Rs 1.50 lakh. Rs, miscellaneous expenses Rs 10 thousand, loan interest Rs 66 thousand. Total working capital requirement (annually) will be Rs 4.18 lakh. Variable cost will be Rs 7.38 lakh and working capital quarter will be Rs 96 thousand.

how much will be the earning
In the project report, you will have to tell how much benefit you will get annually. Like your cost of production from fixed cost and variable cost will be Rs 11.54 lakh. You have set a target of making 20 thousand Vati or Gutika and if you sell it at Rs 75 per piece, then your total annual sales will be Rs 15 lakh. You can make a profit of around Rs 3.45 lakh. That means you can earn around Rs 30 thousand every month.

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How to apply for loan
If you want to take a loan for this project, you can apply online or contact the District Industries Center of your district or the District Office of Khadi Village Industries Commission.

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