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08:46 AM, 04-Jun-2024

AAP’s Sahi Ram leading from South Delhi

At the end of the first round of counting, Aam Aadmi Party candidate from South Delhi, Sahi Ram is leading over BJP candidate Ramvir Singh Bidhuri.

08:44 AM, 04-Jun-2024

Flute Swaraj Ahead

In the trends, BJP candidate Bansuri Swaraj is leading in New Delhi Lok Sabha seat.

08:31 AM, 04-Jun-2024

BJP leading on six seats and Congress on one

In the trends in the capital Delhi, BJP is leading on six Lok Sabha seats and the Congress candidate is leading on one seat.

08:22 AM, 04-Jun-2024

Voting figures for the elections held for the seven Lok Sabha seats of Delhi

Parliamentary constituency- Votes cast Male Female Others Total Vote Percentage

Chandni Chowk- 9,64,503- 59.44- 57.62- 32.14- 58.60

North-East Delhi- 15,49,202- 63.55- 62.13- 41.61- 62.89

East Delhi- 12,61,988- 59.34- 59.72- 52.88- 59.51

New Delhi – 8,45,285- 55.55- 55.28- 26.92- 55.43

North-West Delhi- 14,85,378- 58.49- 57.12- 22.90- 57.85

West Delhi- 15,21,541- 59.32- 58.20- 35.88- 58.79

South Delhi- 12,93,598- 56.28- 56.67- 13.39- 56.45

Total Voters- 89,21,495- 59.03- 58.29- 28.01- 58.69

08:18 AM, 04-Jun-2024

Kanhaiya Kumar ahead

Congress’ Kanhaiya Kumar is leading in Delhi’s hottest seat, North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat. Here he is pitted against BJP’s Manoj Tiwari.

08:05 AM, 04-Jun-2024

Puri and sweets are being made in BJP headquarters

Puris and sweets are being prepared at the BJP headquarters in Delhi before the Lok Sabha election results.

08:01 AM, 04-Jun-2024

Counting of votes has started, first trend will be available within an hour

Counting of votes has begun at seven counting centres for the seven Lok Sabha seats of the capital Delhi. The first trend will come around nine o’clock. There are 162 candidates in this Lok Sabha election in Delhi.

07:43 AM, 04-Jun-2024

EVMs under tight security

Officials said that after the polling on May 25, 14 companies of other paramilitary forces are on duty at the counting centers till June 4. Out of these, two companies of paramilitary forces are deployed at all the seven counting centers. After the counting, that is after June 4, candidates are given time to make allegations and counter-allegations on EVMs. For this, EVMs are kept safe for 45 days. Four companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed at four counting centers from June 4 for the next 45 days.

07:28 AM, 04-Jun-2024

There will be a three-tier security system

There will be a three-tier security system at the counting place. On the day of counting, police and intelligence department employees will also check suspicious people as well as their belongings. An election official said that the counting place will have three layers of security. Paramilitary forces (CAPF) as well as Delhi Police personnel will be deployed in sufficient numbers to maintain security. Agents and counting personnel coming to the counting place will be allowed inside only after being thoroughly checked and searched.

07:07 AM, 04-Jun-2024

An official said that the VVPAT slips of five polling booths of each assembly constituency will be matched with the EVM votes. In this way, 50 VVPAT slips of each parliamentary constituency in Delhi will be counted and matched with the EVM votes.

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