Delh Water Crisis: 18 percent of Munak Canal water is stolen, 40 percent is getting wasted due to pipe leakage – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

Delh water crisis: 18 percent of Munak canal's water is stolen, 40 percent is getting wasted due to pipe leakage

water crisis in delhi
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Amidst the verbal war over the drinking water crisis in Delhi, a case of water theft and wastage has come to light. The Lieutenant Governor’s office said that about 18 percent of the water from Haryana is not reaching Delhi in the Munak canal alone. At the same time, about 40 percent of the water in Delhi is being wasted due to leakage in the water board’s pipeline. These figures came to light in a high-level meeting chaired by Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena at the Raj Niwas on Monday. The Lieutenant Governor has advised the Delhi government to improve the system. On the other hand, the Delhi government called the figures of the Raj Niwas misleading. Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj says that the Lieutenant Governor should make the video of the meeting public. This will reveal the truth.

Earlier, in a meeting called on the issue of water supply at Raj Niwas, Delhi government ministers Atishi and Saurabh Bhardwaj, along with the Chief Secretary and the CEO of Delhi Jal Board were present. It was told that Munak Canal is a main source for water from Haryana in seven out of nine water purification plants of Delhi. A large amount of water is being wasted due to lack of maintenance of the canal. During the inspection of the officials, unauthorized lifting of water from the canal was seen. Its pictures were also shared in the meeting. In these, rows of tankers are seen lifting water illegally on the banks of Munak Canal in Delhi.

Officials from Haryana and Delhi had inspected the canal

On Sunday, a team of officials of Upper Yamuna River Board (UYRB) inspected Munak Canal along with senior officials of Delhi and Haryana Government. It was observed that there was sufficient water supply in the canal from Haryana. Haryana released 2,289 cusecs of water in Munak Canal. Whereas 1161.084 cusecs of water was released from Kakori as compared to the fixed quota of 1050 cusecs of water. Kakori is the place from where water reaches Delhi directly. But only 960.78 cusecs of water reached Munak Canal in Bawana, Delhi. About 200 cusecs of water disappeared on the way. This is 18 percent of the total water. As per the rules, this figure should be less than five percent. Officials said that earlier in the meeting held on June 5, UYRB had told the Delhi Government that about 25 percent of water was being wasted from Munak Canal.

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