Corona infected person can be identified even in a crowd of thousands, this startup has created a special device

New Delhi. The faster the corona virus is spreading, the faster preparations are being made to deal with it and avoid it. Researchers and scientists from all over the world are busy making vaccines and medicines for Coronavirus. At the same time, technicians from all over the world are busy making robots and other such equipment, which can help in the fight against the global pandemic. This time, a startup of three IIT alumni has created such a special device that an infected person roaming in a public place will not be able to hide even in a crowd of thousands. This special drone will not only identify the infected person, but will also immediately inform the police and health department officials.

Checking the temperature will help in isolating the infected.
Made by IIT alumni in Hyderabad, this drone equipped with an infrared camera will help in identifying and isolating people with symptoms of Covid-19 in crowded areas. Actually, this drone will take the body temperature of every person present in the crowd and will identify the one who has fever. It is being said that this drone can help a lot in controlling the spread of infection after the relaxation in lockdown. At the same time, after the lockdown is completely lifted, it will prove to be an important weapon against the global pandemic. Marut Drone CEO Prem Kumar Vishalawath said that the advantage of thermal screening with this drone is that no one needs to go to each person and check his temperature. With its help, a feverish person standing in a crowd can be identified and his Covid-19 test can be done.

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The results obtained from the drone have proved to be accurate every time in the test.
Marut Drone claims that the airborne infrared cameras have been tested in many ways for thermal screening. Every time the results obtained have proved to be accurate. The results of airborne thermal screening can be sent to the police and health department teams in real time. An infected person identified in the crowd can be immediately isolated. With the help of drones, a person can be tracked for a limited distance. At the same time, through the loudspeaker present in it, a person can also be warned to stop or move away from the crowd. During the lockdown, Hyderabad and Karimnagar police have used drones in the style of Akashvani.

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Sanitizer is being sprayed by drone in Telangana
Vishalavath said that the startup is already working in collaboration with the Urban Development Department of Telangana Government. To avoid mosquito infestation in Hyderabad, anti-larval chemical was sprayed from drones on the banks of lakes and garbage heaps. In the times of global pandemic, sanitizers are now being sprayed in 8 districts of Telangana using this technology: this is saving money, time and effort. The startup company is also working on the project of delivering medicines to remote areas. The company claims that airborne thermal screening during Unlock-1 can be most helpful in controlling Covid-19.

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