comedian Aulia Rakhman sentenced 7 months jail in Indonesia for blasphemy case

Comedian Aulia Rakhman: In the world’s largest Muslim country Indonesia, a comedian has been sentenced to 7 months in jail for blasphemy. On Tuesday, a regional judge sentenced a comedian named Aulia Rahman to jail after finding him guilty of blasphemy. Aulia had made fun of Prophet Mohammad in one of his programs. Now Aulia, a resident of Lampung province in this Muslim country, has been sentenced to seven months in jail.

Lampung Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Ricky Ramdhan said that comedian Aulia Rahman participated in a stand-up comedy show on the island of Sumatra in December. Aulia made fun of the word Mohammed in the event held in a cafe.

Aulia apologized and his sentence was reduced by one month
For this comment on the name of Mohammad, Aulia was found guilty of spreading hatred in the name of jokes. After this program, Aulia was sued and put in jail. The lawyers had demanded an 8-month sentence for this crime, but the sentence was reduced by one month after he apologized for the crime. The sections under which Aulia has been booked have a provision of a maximum punishment of five years. These laws prohibit any kind of rhetoric against the six official religions of Indonesia.

This is the first case of blasphemy of its kind
This is the first time a comedian has been convicted of blasphemy in Indonesia. Before this, many arrests have been made in blasphemy cases, but no comedian had come under the purview of this law. Former governor of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, has also come under the purview of this law, who was sentenced to 2 years in jail. In Indonesia, this law is also misused to target minorities.

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