Climate change and extreme weather events caused losses of $41 billion in just 6 months, report reveals

Millions of people in India are suffering from the scorching heat due to climate change. Meanwhile, a new report has come out. It said that since the international climate talks in Dubai (COP28) in December last year, events caused by bad weather have caused losses of more than $ 41 billion worldwide.

According to a report by UK non-profit organization Christian Aid, more than 2500 people died in four bad weather related incidents in the last six months. All these four incidents were scientifically either caused by climate change or their risk increased due to it. The organization said that not enough progress has been made since COP28 in the United Arab Emirates towards banning the use of fossil fuels and supporting low-income countries in dealing with climate disasters. The second week of mid-year climate talks in Bonn began on Monday.

Christian Aid said, ‘Rich countries play a big role in emitting greenhouse gases. These gases are warming the atmosphere and increasing weather-related events, so these countries should understand their responsibility and increase their loss and damage fund to help other countries recover from extreme weather events.’

At the UN climate talks in Dubai in December last year, delegates agreed on a new loss and damage fund to address the effects of climate change that disproportionately affect poor countries in the Global South.

According to Christian Aid, the loss is an underestimate of USD 41 billion. According to the report, usually only insured losses are recorded and the worst weather-related disasters occurred in countries where very few people or businesses had insurance. The report said that the number of people who lost their lives in disasters is not completely accurate.

According to the report, floods in Brazil killed at least 169 people and caused economic losses of at least seven billion US dollars. The report said that floods in South and South-West Asia killed at least 214 people in the United Arab Emirates alone and caused insurance losses of US $ 850 million. According to the report, severe heat in West, South and Southeast Asia killed more than 1,500 people in Myanmar alone, while heat-related deaths are rarely reported.

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