Chor Sahib, my car… After bike theft, a person wrote an emotional letter, after reading it you will also say- brother return it! Mr. Chor Sahib, my child is crying to go on the cart Letter written to thief going viral on social media

Indore. Thief sahab, my child has stopped eating and drinking. He is insisting on going out on a bike and has become quiet. This is a letter written to a thief, which is going viral on social media these days. This letter has been written by a person from Indore for a thief, whose bike has been stolen by someone. This thief has also been captured in the footage of CCTV cameras, who has not yet been caught by the police.

In fact, in Indore’s Bhanwarkua police station area, the bike of a youth named Satish Salve was stolen from the parking lot of Veda Park building on June 4 at noon. The bike theft incident has also been captured in CCTV. Despite this, the police have not been able to find the thief yet. Satish Salve is upset due to the bike being stolen and for this reason he has expressed his helplessness by writing a letter for the thief on social media. He is confident that either the police will catch the thief and recover the bike and hand it over to him or if the thief ever reads this letter and his heart melts, he will return the bike.

Respected thief sir please return my car
In the emotional letter written by the car owner to the thief, he has written- Respected thief sahab, please return my car to me. You have been caught on camera stealing the car. I am a small employee, I bought the bike with my life’s earnings. My son is crying to go for a ride on the bike, he has stopped eating and drinking because he used to go for a ride on this bike every day.

It was also written in the letter
My name is Satish Salve and I earn only 8 thousand rupees a month. I have no father, three sisters and the burden of the whole family is on me. Chor Saheb, please understand my helplessness, I hope my letter will definitely reach you and you will return my car.

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