China’s ‘Little Venice’ is different from Italy, billions have been spent here, this place looks different than expected

Few people know that China is building replicas of some of the world’s special tourist places in its own country so that its tourism can increase. For this reason, a ‘fake’ Italy worth 507 million pounds i.e., 53 billion 82 crore 73 lakh rupees was built there to become a center of attraction for tourists. Now it is said that it has turned into a ‘decaying ghost town’. This project named Venice of China proved to be a complete flop because most of its parts look deserted and lifeless.

The idea behind building a little Venice near the port city of Dalian in China’s northeastern Liaoning province was to incorporate European-style architecture and culture, where Chinese citizens would not have to travel far to enjoy Italy. It took four years to build but against expectations, instead of being able to attract crowds and reduce pollution, the ‘floating city’ has turned out to be a lifeless and dry place.

It’s not as crowded as expected. With half-built buildings and sparse streets, new footage of the East Asian country’s attempt at Venice suggests it’s not exactly a tourist hotspot.

A travel blogger posting under Pastics and Trains admitted to being “shocked” upon arriving at “Little Venice”. Despite being attracted by the unusual site in Dalian, the novelty quickly seems to have faded. “It’s really dead. It’s desolate. Everything is closed. There are a lot of buildings,” the blogger says.

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Buildings like this are found everywhere, but it seems that nothing is actually being used. This attraction was first opened to the public in 2015 and has a four-kilometer man-made canal. It is said that the developers hoped to reduce air pollution caused by heavy traffic flow. But it is also dry in many places. At the same time, some areas, including a church, are really surprising.

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