China Xi Jinping approved the expansion of the highway in Pok

Pakistan-China Relation : Pakistan is currently going through a severe economic crisis. Due to this, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif went on a 4-day visit to China, but China returned him empty-handed. Pakistan’s PM had gone with the hope of billions of dollars for 4 new projects of ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ i.e. CPEC. Out of these, China approved only one project. Army Chief Asim Munir was also with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Pakistan was reprimanded
During this, Chinese President Xi Jinping also reprimanded Shahbaz Sharif and Army Chief General Munir for the killing of Chinese citizens. According to Pakistani media, India has been continuously opposing the project approved by China. China will now expand the Karakoram Highway, for which an investment of 2 billion dollars will also be made. This highway will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. China and Pakistan are connected to each other through this highway. China also told Shahbaz Sharif that it will take some time to start the expansion of this highway.

China’s money is stuck in Pakistan
China is continuously investing in Pakistan, but Pakistan does not seem to be in a position to return that money, because Pakistan is not in a position to return the money at this time. Now it is showing reluctance in returning China’s money. In view of this, China did not approve Shahbaz Sharif’s plan.
Let us tell you that in 2014, Pakistan and China started the CPEC project. Pakistan thought that due to this project, Gwadar will become like Dubai, but even after 10 years, the situation is the same as before.

According to the Express Tribune report, China has invested about 60 billion dollars in Pakistan in 10 years. However, China has been hiding this investment from the world. There are also reports that China is building a naval base in Gwadar, Pakistan. All the governments of Pakistan that came to power foiled this plan of China.

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