China wants BRICS membership for Bangladesh India does not want extension for five years

Bangladesh BRICS Membership: China has put India in trouble with its evil intentions. Once again, China is talking about expanding BRICS and wants to include Bangladesh in it. China has openly supported Bangladesh to be included in the BRICS countries. China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sun Weidong has praised Bangladesh’s desire to join BRICS. This statement from China has come at a time when Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to visit China next month.

On the other hand, an important meeting of the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries is going to be held in Russia. In this, China and Russia want to expand BRICS further and create a bigger platform against the western powers. India is worried that a further expansion of BRICS will increase China’s influence in the group. In such a situation, India wants that BRICS should not be expanded for the next five years. Recently, BRICS has been expanded to include countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Bangladesh and China relations strengthened
Recently, a meeting was held between China’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Bangladesh’s Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momen regarding the expansion and membership of BRICS. During this, there was a discussion on strengthening bilateral relations between China and Bangladesh and increasing trade. During this, China has assured Bangladesh that it will openly support it to join BRICS. Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry has shared this information by issuing a statement.

Bangladesh’s desire for BRICS
In a statement issued by Bangladesh, it has been said that it attaches great importance to relations with China. Bangladesh’s relations with China are based on shared values, mutual respect and shared aspirations. Along with this, Bangladesh’s Foreign Secretary has thanked China for helping in the development of infrastructure. Bangladesh wants to be included in the BRICS countries, so that its relations with developing countries can be strengthened. Bangladesh said that BRICS has both China and India, who are its major trading partners. If Bangladesh gets BRICS membership, then economic coordination with these countries can increase more.

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